Limited Anniversary Edition: The AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, AS-Motor Germany GmbH & Co KG is producing a special edition of its well-known Sherpa ride-on mower. The limited edition AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure's (only 60 of these mowers will be produced) offers many extras and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its special paint finish.

In addition to the Sherpa's best features, such as permanent all-wheel drive, the surfing mulching mower deck and the 15-litre tank that is suitable for steep slopes, the special edition AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure offers a number of extraordinary extras. The special look stands out at first glance: the special olive-green finish, the unusual lettering and a "Limited Edition" badge. Two additional 18-watt LED headlights have been attached to the stable, folding rollover bar to provide far-reaching illumination of the work area, if required. The headlights are protected against dust and water and fastened with a sturdy aluminium holder. Another striking feature is the transport box behind the driver seat with a volume of 36 litres – ideal for tools, work clothing or food items you want to pack with you. The transport box is completely padded to protect its contents. In spite of its robust construction, it has a low dead weight and is splash-proof, thus it can be used in any weather conditions. The box can be locked with a padlock.

Edition: 60 mowers, guarantee: 60 months

What is not visible is the special long guarantee that AS-Motor provides for this mower: It is valid for five years, i.e. for 500 operating hours. Likewise invisible is the factory-filled tyre sealant, "Flat-Stop", in the tubeless ATV low-pressure tyres: On its own it seals punctures, for example, due to thorns or sharp-edged foreign objects, thus downtimes and repair costs are avoided. The sealant is water-soluble, does not adhere to the rims and has an integrated corrosion protection. Moreover, it has an unlimited service life and retains its consistency and functionality throughout the life of the tyre. From the inside as well as from the outside: The special edition AS 940 Sherpa 4WD Adventure combines the best features resulting from AS-Motor's 60 years of experience with high grass mowers.

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